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Neurocognitive Testing

I got the results from my cognitive testing I did last week. My neurologist had sent me for a neurocognitive/psychological assessment. I had talked with him about having a hard time focusing, getting lost in conversations and memory issues. The testing was all day and the tests are designed to stress and push your brain.…

Simple Kindness

These last few days, leading up to this morning, I have been filled with stress and anxiety over the neurology appointment scheduled for this morning. I could not imagine how the appointment would go – whether good or bad. My prayers over the appointment have been simple. I feel like sometimes I do not even…

Speak to My Heart

There was a breakthrough this week! I am grateful to share good news! Physically, this week has been a rough one. I’ve been struggling with a migraine, nausea, head pain, numbness and tingling and a heavy fatigue. I had the infusion clinic on Monday, physical therapy and did my second round of the Emgality injection…

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