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Slow Spin

Today is my 23rd birthday.  I know God has a plan for me, but I feel so overwhelmed. There are all these unknowns and unfinished pieces spinning around me that just won’t come to a rest.  It has been a while since I posted an update because I was waiting to have some more answers.…


Today I started weekly IV infusions for preventative measures against the horrible migraines I keep getting. Hopefully these infusions help. It is a migraine cocktail for pain, nausea and hydration. This morning I got an email from the Mayo Clinic telling me that they received a request for an appointment with their neurological clinic. They…

One Year Anniversary!

Hello friends, It is hard to believe today is the one-year anniversary of when I had brain surgery. On one hand it feels like it was only yesterday that I was in a hospital in Colorado, and on the other hand time has felt like it has slowed, and the months have drag on endlessly.…

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Decompression Surgery