Brain Decompression Surgery – February 19, 2021

💜 03.23.2021 💜

I’m having brain decompression surgery for a brain condition with no cure. The neurosurgeon said he is confident that the surgery will improve my quality of life by 87%. This is a HUGE answer to prayer!

While the thought of having brain surgery is intimidating, it also brings a sense of peace. I have been struggling with these weird symptoms with no explanation for about five years and now I finally have an answer and hope to get my life back. I know there’s a long road before me, but I know I’m not walking this alone. God is going before me and will continue to guide me and bring me peace and comfort. He has surrounded me with people who love me.

The neurosurgeon said he thinks with surgery he can improve my quality of life by 87%. He went over all of my scans with me and explained what is going on in my brain.  The lower part of my brain has dropped and is compressing my brainstem and the CSF fluid flow is completely blocked on one side of my brain and diminished on the other. I’m going to have the brain decompression surgery on March 23rd in Colorado! I am relievedexcited, and terrified at the same time. I am thankful for God for directing me to the right neurosurgeon and am grateful for all the family and friends who have prayed for me and supported me all this way!

There are so many ways God brought the pieces together and made a way when it looked like there wasn’t one.

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