Hey there, faithful Shae friends!

I got a text from Stephanie this morning saying Shae was in the ICU. She was scheduled for physical therapy but when they helped her sit up, she became nauseous and her blood pressure dropped really low. Her pain level was higher than they wanted it to be.

All day Shae’s BP has gone up and down, but not stable enough to feel comfortable with her leaving ICU. They upped her meds to help with pain management and gave her fluids.

Some good news to report, Shae’s numbness on the left side of her face is gone! Praise the Lord! She has been numb for 5 years. It’s cool to experience the positive effects of having the surgery. Now onto the healing. Healing in any form is hard.

As of 1:45 this afternoon her BP was still low. They are continuing to adjust meds and will keep her in the ICU over night. This evening she was able to sit up and eat some ice cream for dinner. Psalm 121 has been on Stephanie’s mind as she sits by to comfort Shae. Her BP started to climb this evening, but you can imagine how hard that would be to watch as a Mama, seeing your child suffer. Prayers for the family as they support Shae and offer her up the Lord with every step of Shae’s journey. And of course sweet, Shae. We’re rooting for you, girl! Pray for comfort and continued healing.

Let’s help relieve the financial burden this surgery and healing will cost Shae. The money raised will help with follow up appointments to Colorado as well. Her gofundme is climbing, but will you help us reach the goal for Shae?

Let’s also thank the Lord for Shae’s life. I pray we all feel led to allow the Lord to be glorified in our lives, no matter the situation, in the same way Shae is living out her faith. Thanks, Shae, for letting your light shine for everyone to see His good works in and through you. We’re praying for you, girl!

3 thoughts on “ICU

  1. 808jewels March 24, 2021 / 5:57 pm

    Great news, PTL for answered prayers! I remember eating chocolate ice cream when I was recovering from surgery, so that took me back 😉 and I remember when feeling returned to my arms that they were on fire, so much that I had to sleep with an ice pack, so glad to hear she regained feeling on the left side of her face with no big side effects, continuing to pray without ceasing for Shae and her ohana xoxo

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    • Michael Orr March 25, 2021 / 10:23 am

      Shae and Family,
      So happy to learn of Shae’s successful surgery and continued recovery. We will continue to pray for you all.
      Dr. Orr

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  2. Angela hardy March 25, 2021 / 10:52 am

    You are in my thoughts and prayers on a daily! I hope you the best in everything you do! God bless

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