2 Month Update

It is hard to believe it has already been almost two months since I had brain decompression surgery.

A few weeks ago I started physical therapy for my neck, it’s still super stiff and sore. I still cannot move my head up or down. I will not be cleared for that motion until I meet with the neurosurgeon in CO next week. My mom and I are leaving on Monday for my eight week follow up.

I have come a long way. Still a long way to go until I am a hundred percent, but I’m grateful for the progress I have already made. My hair has grown back in so much that you cannot really even see the bottom incision. There is a small part of the incision on the very top of my neck you can see, if you look closely. There is a larger bald spot where the top incision is, the part where they “harvested” the muscle tissue. 

At the hospital they told me not to feel discouraged with physical therapy, because I would not be doing much. The exercises I am doing is just moving my head to the side and then to look straight ahead again, and then repeat with the other side going back and forth for a few times. Then I tilt my head slowly to the side and then hold it straight again. I am working on doing them a few times a day.  I am also working on walking short walks around the neighborhood. 

I had a conversation with the Chiari Institute last week because of the high level of pain I was having. I am still having some incision pain and a super stiff neck that is sore. The Chiari Institute thought the physical therapy was moving too fast and that I was doing too much, so we slowed that down. Even though I was just going for car rides and puttering around the house, they said that was using up a lot of my energy. They told me to keep in mind that I am recovering from major surgery and that the healing is slow. Another thing we talked about is now because of the symptoms I was having before surgery; I was not very active.  That is coming into play now as I have been “deconditioned”, so I am having to slowly get reconditioned. 

I have been having some of the weird symptoms I was having before surgery, but I think that is to be expected while I continue to heal. They are unsettling to me and I am eager for them to stop. It is hard sometimes to not feel discouraged with how my body feels and the healing that stills needs to happen. I have to take my thoughts captive and remember that it will take a while for healing and not to rush it. The neurosurgeon said it would be a full year to recover. I need to have patience and hold on to hope for this next year.

Last weekend we went to Spokane to help move Genna home for the summer. I was only able to see a few people while we were there, but it felt so good to be out and see people who are so encouraging to me. I am so appreciative of the friends and family that have reached out to support me. This is a lonely season; I miss seeing my friends and family.

Thank you for your continued prayers,

Shae Sobottke

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