Prayers for Shae

Thank you so much for keeping Shae in your thoughts and prayers. Stephanie sent pictures of her girls tonight sticking close to another and cherishing the time together before Shae’s surgery tomorrow.

When I asked Stephanie how they’ve spent their time she said:

On Saturday, Shae and Stephanie hung out at the hotel restaurant drinking way too many cups of tea while waiting for the rest of the family to arrive. Riley (Shae’s identical twin) arrived at the Denver airport first (from Alaska), she waited for Marc and Isla (littlest sis) to arrive from Portland, then they all waited for Genna (middle sis) to arrive from Spokane. They took the shuttle to the hotel together. We all had dinner together so grateful thank we all arrived safely and that we are able to be together through this time. 

Shae’s been resting. We’ve all been playing games together-Monopoly Deal and Cards Christians Like. Lots of laughter and silly jokes. 

Lots of snow this morning, we were all excited, except Riley. After being in Alaska, she is ready for a break from snow and wants to hear rain and see grass. 

We’ve just hung around the hotel, trying to keep relaxed and keep our stress levels low. The girls swim while Shae rests. 

We trust in our sovereign God who knows and sees all. Who comforts us in pain and suffering. Who has Shae in the very palm of his hand. Psalms 46, 121, 139 and Isaiah 43:2 have been a source of comfort as the Sobottkes read scripture together in preparing their hearts for tomorrow. You can be praying for Shae (and the rest of the family) that they’ll get a restful nights sleep.

Shae checks in at 11:15 and the surgery starts at 1:15. It’s expected to last 3 1/2 to 4 hours.

During surgery they will bolt Shae’s head to a three pronged head clamp to hold her head during surgery. She will be lying face down. They will remove a piece of her skull from the back of her head and the top of her C-1 vertebrae in her neck to make more room for her brain and to allow the cerebral spinal fluid to flow freely around her brain. After they remove the skull, they will cut through the thick protective lining around the brain called “dura” to open it up and make more room. Stephanie said it’s like, “letting out a pair of pants”. After that, they’ll make a second incision, near the top of her head to harvest muscle tissue from her scalp. They will use that tissue to make a patch where they cut open the dura. Then they’ll attach that tissue and connect a custom made titanium plate over the area. Shae’s spinal fluid flow (CSF) is completely blocked on the right side. The extra pressure is causing muscles on the left to become deformed. They are unsure if the doctors will need to repair that. In all, this procedure will help freeze Shae’s symptoms.

It’s a normal thing to be nervous going into such a surgery, but will you trust the Lord with me to protect Shae’s body during the surgery and through recovery? Pray for peace in Shae (and her family’s heart) as they release everything – the knowns, the unknowns and fears to God.

If you haven’t followed Shae on her instagram page, I encourage you to do so. There she shares more real time pictures of her life and what God is doing in her as she seeks to trust Him with her life. @shaesobottke

As you can imagine, this procedure and the upcoming visits to Colorado for follow-ups are expensive. To love on Shae and help relieve this burden in a practical way, consider donating to Shae’s Gofundme fundraiser: Feel free to share it on your social media pages to reach Shae’s goal. Every little sacrifice helps!

I will update you tomorrow after her surgery concludes. Please set your alarm on your phones to pray for Shae at 1:15 specifically. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe so you can stay in touch with her progress!

Thanks everyone! We’re so thankful for your love and support.

For Shae,


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