Shae Has Landed!

Yesterday was full day for Shae and Stephanie. Shae was able to fly via Angel Flight, a non profit whose mission is to help people get to medical procedures and appointments around the country. Angel Flight was an answer to prayer for Stephanie. She was wondering how they’d manage the chaos and cramped space on a commercial flight. With Angel Flight, they were able to travel alone. They flew in three different small airplanes to reach Colorado. Chiari is an adventure, that’s for sure! During her second flight, she was accompanied by a furry passenger. They quickly warmed up to one another.

Upon arriving in Colorado, the pilot drove Shae and Stephanie to their hotel and picked up dinner for them! Thank you Angel Flight for your love and care.

Shae’s surgery is scheduled for the 23rd. You can be praying for peace in Shae’s heart as she anticipates the next weeks of healing. For her family, that this time would draw them closer to one another and the Lord. For the doctors that they would be clear of mind and prepare well for the surgery, both in their personal lives and at work. We trust the Lord for Shae’s life and are so thankful for medical advancements that allow her this opportunity to get relief from her symptoms. May Shae’s life bring glory to God!

Thank you for joining Shae in this journey! I know she feels your love and support. Stay tuned throughout the next couple of weeks to hear updates as they come and more details of how you can be praying.

Here are some more pictures of her traveling adventure.

(Written by Sara, a new friend of the family)

One thought on “Shae Has Landed!

  1. Karen March 20, 2021 / 9:42 pm

    Love you, Shae!


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