Wild Winds

Shae and I arrived home at noon yesterday, a day later than we planned. Our third and last leg of our flight was quite the adventure! Thank you Jesus for entrusting us with such skilled pilots who handled everything so well, a safe landing, friends who are like family, an awesome ER doc, and Shae’s continued good recovery!

Leaving Aurora with our first amazing pilot. There were strong headwinds all the way to Wyoming.
Shae using a special Chiari pillow with a cutout for her incision.
During our first flight, Shae’s ears popped for the first time in years!
With the awesome pilot who flew us from Wyoming to Idaho.

The weather during our last flight shifted and the air was turbulent. Our cautious and highly skilled pilots decided to divert the flight to The Dalles, OR due to weather concerns. Shae was throwing up (very concerning post surgery) and felt light headed. She thought it was her blood pressure dropping again, but it was her oxygen dipping. They had an oxygen tank onboard and after we gave her some she felt a little better. 

Shae says these guys are her new favorite people!
As a child, my husband’s grandma always told him that when he saw sunbeams that meant God was talking to him. As the wind picked up, those beautiful sunbeams we reassuring to me that God was holding us close to him.
Going in to land at The Dalles on the east end of the Columbia Gorge.
The Dalles, OR

After we landed, we all took Shae to the ER to get checked out. The ER doctor examined her thoroughly and all looked normal. Her incision also looked good. They gave her pain and anti nausea shots which kicked in very quickly.

Our hero pilots charmed the front desk into delivering DQ they brought us! Shae’s reaction to the food was a great indicator that she was feeling better!

Shae said it smelled so good that her doctor lost his thought when he came into her room!

The hospital kept her for observation until she felt better and then released her. The pilots were amazing and waited until our friends arrived from Vancouver. We went to a hotel with instructions to let Shae sleep and watch her closely.

Praise the Lord for dear friends who are family!
Almost home!

After we arrived home yesterday, Shae was able to shower by herself with a shower chair and handheld shower head. Isla sat guard outside the door in case Shae needed any help. Shae washed her hair with baby shampoo, she will do that for the first month.

She practiced doing many of the things she learned how to do at the hospital, without moving her head up or down, such as brushing her teeth and walking up the stairs.

Glory to God for all of the healing that has already happened! Shae is continually amazed at how different she feels already. So many of her symptoms are already healed! I’ll let Shae detail that for you all when she feels a little better.

Today (Tuesday) is one week from the surgery. She has slept most of the day and her pain was high this afternoon. Please pray for her comfort and continued healing! We are so grateful for all of the prayers and support of our family and friends. It was a little intense during our last flight, but we knew it was going to be okay.


(Shae’s Mom)

One thought on “Wild Winds

  1. David April 3, 2021 / 1:10 am

    We give glory to God for such an amazing healing.


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