Spring Flowers for Shae

Shae continues to heal. Her pain yesterday was intense, but she is doing better today. Pray for a controlled pain level. She wakes up every couple of hours for medication, but was able to sleep through most of the night.

Shae rests a lot during the day. Spring has sprung and with that, SUN! Her physical therapist told Shae to get as much sun as she can, so the family was out planting today. Shae enjoyed the sunny skies while watching. Pretty soon she’ll have her own spot in the garden.

Stephanie said she and Isla are planting purple (chiari color) flowers to remind them of Shae’s chiari journey and for her to watch while she recuperates. The Sobottke’s really know how to care well for one another. You’ll have to check out Shae’s instagram page to see what her sister did to support her. @shaesobbotke The gesture sure melted my heart!

Looking ahead, Shae will go back to CO for her eight week checkup in May. That includes an MRI, then meetings with the physical therapist and neurosurgeon.

The four month mark will be a turning point. She will be released to be a little more active. Healing takes a full year and it was explained to her that it will take a year for her energy level to become predictable. Praise God for modern medicine and for the resemblance of normalcy to take place once again!

We’re so much closer to Shae’s Go Fund Me goal! Let’s hit this out of the park! Share Shae’s story and help us reach that goal. We’re so thankful for everyone who has given thus far. Keep checking back here on her blog for continued updates as well.

Shae definitely has a light about her. It’s definitely Jesus. May he continued to be glorified in and through her life!

We love you Shae! We will continue to cheer you on!


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