April 2nd Staples are out!!

Shae’s primary doctor and I both assured her that getting her staples removed wouldn’t feel too uncomfortable. I’ve had them three times, after C-sections, and I just remember feeling relief. Well, staples in your head are a different story! Shae thought that it really hurt! Her incision looked pretty angry until the next day, but is calming down now.

Day #16

Shae’s neurosurgeon did a remarkable job! After it heals, you will hardly be able to see the scar. She’s almost a little disappointed because she hopes to use her zipperhead battle scars to spark conversations and raise awareness about Chiari Malformation.

Shae Sobottke, Facebook 4/2/21

I got my staples out today!!
A very dear friend, Shaylin, sent me this song as a beautiful reminder today, and every day to come, that “these wounds are a story You’ll (God) use”
This scar on my skull/neck is a physical reminder of God’s steadiness and faithfulness throughout my whole journey with Chiari Malformation. There were moments where my future and life looked bleak. It could’ve been a time of no hope, but I held on to Christ and put all my faith in Him and He filled me with hope. 💜

“So I’m thankful for the scars
‘Cause without them I wouldn’t know your heart
And I know they’ll always tell of who you are
So forever I am thankful for the scars”

Today is Shae’s best day this week! She’s been awake all day and feels pretty good. Her physical therapist in Colorado prepared her for good day and bad days and to just keep going forward. She’s been in a phase where her pain is under control, but higher than has been. She has been sleeping up to 20 hours per day and uncomfortable when she is awake. We’ve been going on short walks. Right now her goal is to walk to the mailbox three times per day. Yesterday was her longest walk yet, she walked about four houses down our street and back. Afterwards, her legs felt like jelly and she was shaky, but she did it!

The back of her head is a little puffy and feels like a soggy peach. That is another milestone that her team told her to watch for that because it is part of the healing process.

Her nausea has gone away, so she no longer takes medication for that around the clock. The surgery site is near the area of the brain that controls nausea, so strong nausea is a common after effect of the surgery. Shae is so grateful that it has passed because throwing up is a big NO-NO! after surgery. It felt like the most important instruction was to NOT throw up. Another big step toward feeling normal!

The day before Easter, Shae’s Great-Grandma Jeanne, Great-Aunt Eileen, Great-Uncle Chris and Grand-Uncle Frank came by to pray over her. Great-Aunt Eileen brought us this Lambie Cake she made for us! It was so nice to share in a small part of Easter traditions this year! Our Easter was very quiet.

Easter Lambie Cake

Thank you all for your continued prayers! Shae still has a very long journey and we are so grateful for all of your love and support!


(Shae’s mom)

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