We’re with you Shae!

You guys, thank you so much for rallying around Shae. Your prayers are felt! I’m happy to report that today Shae walked around the entire floor and ate pizza for lunch! This is huge news! It’s a good sign her healing is taking place.

Shae has been on the ICU floor since she left the recovery room. Tonight she’ll transfer to the neuro floor. You can be praying for her blood pressure. It’s still a little low and because of that, they are avoiding some medications that would help buffer her bouts of nausea. Be praying her blood pressure bounces back to where it’s supposed to be. Pray she’ll meet the requirements physically for her discharge tomorrow.

After she’s discharged the Sobottke’s will stay in the hotel another two days and then fly out Sunday. Shae and Stephanie will fly Angel Flight West home. Shae’s sister, Riley flies home to Alaska tomorrow (Friday).

We’re thankful for cheese pizza, Shae’s strength in staying focused on her healing, for the much anticipated quieter neurological floor and the possibility of discharging tomorrow! And for people like you who have committed to laying Shae before the Lord. He alone is to be praised!

I want to encourage you to consider giving to help relieve the financial burden this surgery carries. Will you help us reach Shae’s goal? You can donate on her gofundme page. And please feel free to share on your social media pages.

Thanks everyone! We’re still here, Shae, rooting for you! And guess what, so is Jesus.


Hey there, faithful Shae friends!

I got a text from Stephanie this morning saying Shae was in the ICU. She was scheduled for physical therapy but when they helped her sit up, she became nauseous and her blood pressure dropped really low. Her pain level was higher than they wanted it to be.

All day Shae’s BP has gone up and down, but not stable enough to feel comfortable with her leaving ICU. They upped her meds to help with pain management and gave her fluids.

Some good news to report, Shae’s numbness on the left side of her face is gone! Praise the Lord! She has been numb for 5 years. It’s cool to experience the positive effects of having the surgery. Now onto the healing. Healing in any form is hard.

As of 1:45 this afternoon her BP was still low. They are continuing to adjust meds and will keep her in the ICU over night. This evening she was able to sit up and eat some ice cream for dinner. Psalm 121 has been on Stephanie’s mind as she sits by to comfort Shae. Her BP started to climb this evening, but you can imagine how hard that would be to watch as a Mama, seeing your child suffer. Prayers for the family as they support Shae and offer her up the Lord with every step of Shae’s journey. And of course sweet, Shae. We’re rooting for you, girl! Pray for comfort and continued healing.

Let’s help relieve the financial burden this surgery and healing will cost Shae. The money raised will help with follow up appointments to Colorado as well. Her gofundme is climbing, but will you help us reach the goal for Shae?

Let’s also thank the Lord for Shae’s life. I pray we all feel led to allow the Lord to be glorified in our lives, no matter the situation, in the same way Shae is living out her faith. Thanks, Shae, for letting your light shine for everyone to see His good works in and through you. We’re praying for you, girl!

Out of Surgery!

This morning Shae, Marc and Stephanie headed to the medical center in preparation for Shae’s brain surgery. Around 12:15 pacific time she started prep. They had to shave her hair, and connect electrodes all over her body. There was a doctor present during the procedure just to monitor the electrical signals down her spine to ensure everything was going well. Every 90 minutes or so, Stephanie would get updates.

The surgery is now finished and the doctor said it went really well! God is so good! They will transfer her from recovery to the ICU today and then Stephanie and Marc will have to take turns seeing her.

Prayers for continued healing over her body and thankfulness to God for protecting Shae during surgery.

Thank you for joining the Sobottke’s in this journey. They so appreciate your love and care during this time.

I’ll write more updates as they come.


Update: Stephanie and Marc are able to go back to see Shae together! Yay! They are headed back now.

Prayers for Shae

Thank you so much for keeping Shae in your thoughts and prayers. Stephanie sent pictures of her girls tonight sticking close to another and cherishing the time together before Shae’s surgery tomorrow.

When I asked Stephanie how they’ve spent their time she said:

On Saturday, Shae and Stephanie hung out at the hotel restaurant drinking way too many cups of tea while waiting for the rest of the family to arrive. Riley (Shae’s identical twin) arrived at the Denver airport first (from Alaska), she waited for Marc and Isla (littlest sis) to arrive from Portland, then they all waited for Genna (middle sis) to arrive from Spokane. They took the shuttle to the hotel together. We all had dinner together so grateful thank we all arrived safely and that we are able to be together through this time. 

Shae’s been resting. We’ve all been playing games together-Monopoly Deal and Cards Christians Like. Lots of laughter and silly jokes. 

Lots of snow this morning, we were all excited, except Riley. After being in Alaska, she is ready for a break from snow and wants to hear rain and see grass. 

We’ve just hung around the hotel, trying to keep relaxed and keep our stress levels low. The girls swim while Shae rests. 

We trust in our sovereign God who knows and sees all. Who comforts us in pain and suffering. Who has Shae in the very palm of his hand. Psalms 46, 121, 139 and Isaiah 43:2 have been a source of comfort as the Sobottkes read scripture together in preparing their hearts for tomorrow. You can be praying for Shae (and the rest of the family) that they’ll get a restful nights sleep.

Shae checks in at 11:15 and the surgery starts at 1:15. It’s expected to last 3 1/2 to 4 hours.

During surgery they will bolt Shae’s head to a three pronged head clamp to hold her head during surgery. She will be lying face down. They will remove a piece of her skull from the back of her head and the top of her C-1 vertebrae in her neck to make more room for her brain and to allow the cerebral spinal fluid to flow freely around her brain. After they remove the skull, they will cut through the thick protective lining around the brain called “dura” to open it up and make more room. Stephanie said it’s like, “letting out a pair of pants”. After that, they’ll make a second incision, near the top of her head to harvest muscle tissue from her scalp. They will use that tissue to make a patch where they cut open the dura. Then they’ll attach that tissue and connect a custom made titanium plate over the area. Shae’s spinal fluid flow (CSF) is completely blocked on the right side. The extra pressure is causing muscles on the left to become deformed. They are unsure if the doctors will need to repair that. In all, this procedure will help freeze Shae’s symptoms.

It’s a normal thing to be nervous going into such a surgery, but will you trust the Lord with me to protect Shae’s body during the surgery and through recovery? Pray for peace in Shae (and her family’s heart) as they release everything – the knowns, the unknowns and fears to God.

If you haven’t followed Shae on her instagram page, I encourage you to do so. There she shares more real time pictures of her life and what God is doing in her as she seeks to trust Him with her life. @shaesobottke

As you can imagine, this procedure and the upcoming visits to Colorado for follow-ups are expensive. To love on Shae and help relieve this burden in a practical way, consider donating to Shae’s Gofundme fundraiser: https://gofund.me/a3a075a Feel free to share it on your social media pages to reach Shae’s goal. Every little sacrifice helps!

I will update you tomorrow after her surgery concludes. Please set your alarm on your phones to pray for Shae at 1:15 specifically. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe so you can stay in touch with her progress!

Thanks everyone! We’re so thankful for your love and support.

For Shae,


Shae Has Landed!

Yesterday was full day for Shae and Stephanie. Shae was able to fly via Angel Flight, a non profit whose mission is to help people get to medical procedures and appointments around the country. Angel Flight was an answer to prayer for Stephanie. She was wondering how they’d manage the chaos and cramped space on a commercial flight. With Angel Flight, they were able to travel alone. They flew in three different small airplanes to reach Colorado. Chiari is an adventure, that’s for sure! During her second flight, she was accompanied by a furry passenger. They quickly warmed up to one another.

Upon arriving in Colorado, the pilot drove Shae and Stephanie to their hotel and picked up dinner for them! Thank you Angel Flight for your love and care.

Shae’s surgery is scheduled for the 23rd. You can be praying for peace in Shae’s heart as she anticipates the next weeks of healing. For her family, that this time would draw them closer to one another and the Lord. For the doctors that they would be clear of mind and prepare well for the surgery, both in their personal lives and at work. We trust the Lord for Shae’s life and are so thankful for medical advancements that allow her this opportunity to get relief from her symptoms. May Shae’s life bring glory to God!

Thank you for joining Shae in this journey! I know she feels your love and support. Stay tuned throughout the next couple of weeks to hear updates as they come and more details of how you can be praying.

Here are some more pictures of her traveling adventure.

(Written by Sara, a new friend of the family)

Pre-op – March 9, 2021

You know you have Chiari Malformation when brain surgery seems like a good idea.

I had my two week pre-op appointment today with an EKG, a physical exam and some blood work. We worked through all the details of my after care. It felt really weird scheduling for my staples to be removed. Things are moving fast. There are moments when it’s hard to believe I’m about to have brain decompression surgery.

Brain Decompression Surgery – February 19, 2021

💜 03.23.2021 💜

I’m having brain decompression surgery for a brain condition with no cure. The neurosurgeon said he is confident that the surgery will improve my quality of life by 87%. This is a HUGE answer to prayer!

While the thought of having brain surgery is intimidating, it also brings a sense of peace. I have been struggling with these weird symptoms with no explanation for about five years and now I finally have an answer and hope to get my life back. I know there’s a long road before me, but I know I’m not walking this alone. God is going before me and will continue to guide me and bring me peace and comfort. He has surrounded me with people who love me.

The neurosurgeon said he thinks with surgery he can improve my quality of life by 87%. He went over all of my scans with me and explained what is going on in my brain.  The lower part of my brain has dropped and is compressing my brainstem and the CSF fluid flow is completely blocked on one side of my brain and diminished on the other. I’m going to have the brain decompression surgery on March 23rd in Colorado! I am relievedexcited, and terrified at the same time. I am thankful for God for directing me to the right neurosurgeon and am grateful for all the family and friends who have prayed for me and supported me all this way!

There are so many ways God brought the pieces together and made a way when it looked like there wasn’t one.

PDX Encounter – February 15, 2021

Adapted from Facebook Post:

Because of a snowstorm, our direct flight to Denver was cancelled late last night. We almost missed the notification. After frantically trying to rebook for almost an hour, we got onto flights through Seattle. We won’t get into Denver until 10pm tonight, but we’ll make it to my appointment in the morning. Our dear friend came and picked us up, to drive us to the airport, because we couldn’t get out of our neighborhood. Praise God! He made a way.

Something special happened at the Portland, OR airport.

When our flight was canceled Sunday night. My mom frantically tried to rebook an early flight with a short layover, over and over, and it just wouldn’t go through. The flights with short layovers were all filling up and disappearing as she was trying to rebook, so she finally gave up and booked a different flight with a 3 1/2 hour layover in Seattle, we wouldn’t arrive in Denver until 10pm. She was very worried about how I would handle the long day.

After we boarded at Pdx, we sat on the plane for an hour because Seattle was backed up and not allowing aircraft to takeoff yet. Then the pilot announced that the check engine light had come on, so we had to deboard and move over one gate. Everyone was stressed and impatient. The plane was full of upset people, which 25 passengers didn’t reboard the new plane because they had missed their connections already.

When the pilot first announced the delay, I felt peace wash over me and knew that we were going to be just fine, make our connection and get to Denver in time for the appointment (which was only an opening because of a cancellation, otherwise we would not have gotten an appointment in CO for another month).  I knew it would be okay because I believed God hadn’t let the flight we wanted go through. We had the luxury of the unwanted 3 1/2 hour layover!

We went over one gate and everyone crowed together while we were waiting to board the new plane. My mom noticed a man, about 35ish,  standing near us. He was wearing a baseball cap, but he had a scar running down the back of his head and neck. We wondered if it was from an accident or something, but knew it was probably from brain surgery. my mom debated bothering him, but felt prompted to go. So she did.

She asked if he had had brain surgery. He lit up and said that he had. She told him that we were traveling to Denver to meet with a neurosurgeon for me. He immediately walked over to me and shared his story. Then the man traveling with him came up and introduced himself to my mom and said he was the man’s brother. Then turned to me and asked my name. I knew at that moment that he was a believer and he was going to pray for me.

He did. He asked if he could pray for me. I replied yes and then we all held hands in the middle of everyone and he prayed a beautiful prayer over me. Afterward, the brother who had had surgery turned to me. He looked me in the eyes and told me that he knew I would be okay because he could see it in my eyes. At that point, we didn’t yet know I would be having surgery.

He then asked where we were going. When we told him the Colorado Chiari Institute he was startled. He said that it is the top 1% of the 1%. We thought had that, but it was good to hear it from someone who was familiar with brain surgeries.

A New Path – February 7, 2020

Thank you all for your continued prayers for me!

After months of waiting and not knowing anything new, there is positive progress! My mom and I are flying to a specialty Chiari clinic in Colorado (2/15-19). They will do a 3 day evaluation to determine if they think I would benefit from brain surgery. If there is a surgery, it will be about a month later, after the insurance pre-approval is processed.

It has all come together in the last two weeks and God’s hand has clearly been on all of it!

The neurosurgeon I saw in Seattle, in October, was concerned that on top of Chiari Malformation, I also have MS. I was referred to the MS clinic at OHSU, in November, and I’m still waiting to schedule with them. I don’t think that I have MS. I have no brain lesions and different symptoms. Chiari is still being researched and there are still many unanswered questions about it. Among doctors, there is not consensus about the cause, the symptoms, or the treatment. Traditionally (Seattle doc) it was believed to only affect motor skills and all other symptoms were attributed to MS or something else. The newer school of thought is that the pressure on the cerebellum (squished brain!) and the blocked CSF flow (crowding of the brain tissue blocking cerebral spinal fluid flow) can be the source of ALL of the symptoms.

I waited months to see the neurosurgeon at UW. I was so disappointed that during my appointment he spent less than 5 minutes talking to me about my symptoms and didn’t spend much time at all reviewing my medical history. He seemed to be relying on notes from people who hadn’t thoroughly examined me. He seemed to have made all of his decisions before he even evaluated me. At the end of the appointment, he remarked that he was the second neurosurgeon I was consulting with about surgery. I now think that was a big part of the issue with him. The other neurosurgeon never looked at any scans and told me that he couldn’t speak to the Chiari because he didn’t have any information. He wasn’t very familiar with Chiari, that’s why we went to the specialist in Seattle, but he seemed unwilling to contradict the other neurosurgeon. I don’t understand how he could have thought that first doctor had really examined me because there would not have been any notes about that since it didn’t happen. This seems to be a common thread that is woven into many people’s Chiari experience.

I am so excited that the clinic in Colorado will do a thorough analysis of my medical history and all of my symptoms! Over the last few months I have felt increasingly weary and my symptoms have progressed. Lately, my hearing has been going in and out in both ears and my head and neck pain is worse. Last week my hearing loss lasted five days in one ear, it felt like I was underwater and sound was muffled by 90%.

I am hoping that in CO they will not find anything that will prevent the surgery and that I will be able to have it.

Please pray with my family and I that God will use this neurosurgeon and his team to heal me and if not that he will guide them to the right answers.

Seattle – October 19, 2020

Adapted from a Facebook post:

I met with the neurosurgeon in Seattle this week, ready and prepared for setting the date for my surgery and expecting to go over details.

I was very surprised by new information that is pivoting me in a different direction. High quality imaging revealed that the Chiari Malformation has not causing a cyst in my spine like the previous MRI indicated. The doctors thought a cyst was the source of my neurological symptoms. While it is good news not to have a cyst in my spinal column, it also means that the cause of many of my symptoms remains a mystery and my neurosurgeon wants clarity. He strongly advised me to hold off on surgery and find out what is causing those symptoms. Surgery right now would relieve some of my symptoms, but would cloud everything and make it difficult to sort out what else is happening in my body.

What we didn’t post at the time was that he told us that while I had Chiari, he also believed that I had Multiple Sclerosis. He stated that he didn’t believe that the Chiari was the source of my symptoms. He is part of the old school of thinking about Chiari. They don’t believe Chiari causes any cognitive issues or many of my random issues like periodic hearing loss, numbness and the location of some of my head pain. The MS part didn’t make sense to us because I have know lesions on my brain. Very few people have MS without some lesions on their brain. He just shrugged his shoulders to that and suggested that I do yoga and meditate. He also made a big point of dictating a note to my primary, from a phone, say that I was fine and that my Chiari was not causing any me problems. He finished the appointment by getting very close to my mom and saying to her, “Do Not Take Her Anywhere Else For Surgery!

We returned to our hotel room in Seattle, that night, feeling completely defeated and bewildered. We didn’t know what our next steps looked like. We were trying to be grateful that I wouldn’t need brain surgery, but it just didn’t feel right. I felt like I was in The Twilight Zone. Since I don’t sleep much (because of my compressed brain stem) I binged watched the entire season of Young Wallander series – 7 episodes!, it was awesome!

It is a huge relief for me to not be facing immediate brain surgery. There is also intense frustration at being back to not knowing what is the cause of my neurological and vascular symptoms and how to relieve them. I met with my primary doctor yesterday. The next step is to begin working with several new specialists. The upcoming weeks will be full of more tests and appointments. I am trusting God through this unexpected turn. I still feel very ill. I am weary and it’s been a tough week processing this new twist. I appreciates all of your prayers for healing and your support and encouragement. I have a hard time replying right now, but I still read all of the posts and messages and I’m grateful for them.

I love you all!

November 22, 2020

The more time the passes the more defeated I feel. I am now left in this waiting hole with no answers. I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a A.W. Tozer quote that really spoke to my heart.

And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in My name, I will do it. – John 14:13-14

In all our praying, however, it is important that we keep in mind that God will not alter His eternal purposes at the word of a man. We do not pray in order to persuade God to change His mind. Prayer is not an assault upon the reluctance of God, nor an effort to secure a suspension of His will for us or for those for whom we pray. Prayer is not intended to overcome God and “move His arm.” God will never be other than Himself, no matter how many people pray, nor how long nor how earnestly. God’s love desires the best for all of us, and He desires to give us the best at any cost.

He will open rivers in desert places, still turbulent waves, quiet the wind, bring water from the rock, send an angel to release an apostle from prison, feed an orphanage, open a land long closed to the gospel. All these things and a thousand others He has done and will do in answer to prayer, but only because it had been His will to do it from the beginning. No one persuades Him. What the praying man does is to bring his will into line with the will of God so God can do what He has all along been willing to do. Thus prayer changes the man and enables God to change things in answer to man’s prayer.

A.W Tozer, The Price of Neglect, pp. 51-52